Does Covid-19 effect Chronic Cats and is it of Alien Influence?

Epidemiologists are frantically trying to figure out where this Covid-19 came from so they can help stop it’s spread. Well, the Chronic Cats have their theory of where it came from. Check out the comic below and tell us what you think? Will epidemiology win out or will the aliens? Will there be a reinfection of Covid-19? Will there be a pizza delivery problem during this pandemic? And toilet paper, why? What’s up with all the panic buying? At least the Chronic Cats don’t have to worry about wiping their asses.

Here’s the transcription for the robots to read:

Huff and Puff the Chronic Cats: The misadventures of a couple of stoner cats

Beware the Plague

Check this one out gork, Experiment #19 is gonna be funny!

Look like it is getting bad out here

Authorities are advising families with elderly and children to remain indoors, several business have already closed

Yeah! It’s crazy. People are losing their minds

Good thing I stocked up on pizza


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